School Management System

Our School Management Solution is a comprehensive  solution. It is designed for better interaction between Students, Parents, Teachers and Management. It is an integrated solution which can handle all the requirements for an effective school Management. The system has been built using required and optional modules to extend functionality beyond any of the current competitors, both locally and internationally.

Our unique software solution to manage your school and students is all that you need to stay ahead with time. It is a cloud based solution which hosts all communication, information dissemination and records. It is tailored to cater to the individual needs of any typical school. 

The web based version can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which enables the students, teachers, management to be in touch with each other at all the times, It's friendly and scalable feature makes it easy to operate your school and enhance efficiency and productivity.

Built-in access control functions ensure that information remains accounted for at all the times, whilst collaborating between administration, teachers, parents and students



Some of the Features

Front Office Management

Timetable Management

Supply Chain Management

Detailed Reports

Student Administration

Human Resource Management

Asset and Fixtures Management

And many more features

Admission Management

Attendance Management

Online Examinations

Fees Management and Collection

Multiple Schools and Branches

Transport and Buses Management

Examination Administration

Acccounting and Billing

Security Permissions

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