Hospital Management System

Neemus Clinic is a Hospital Information System (HIS), which is designed to automate the clinical, financial and administrative aspects of a healthcare organization. It is designed using cutting edge technologies which enable the users to transform their operations to provide state-of-the-art healthcare solutions. The solution caters to a wide range of institutions ranging from a single user physician to a huge multi-specialty hospital. 

Neemus Clinic automates many Clinical and Document Management Processes, which translate into time, saved and increased productivity of the hospital staff. It also provides valuable insight into profit projections for the organization’s success.  
Neemus Clinic helps make medical practice management more efficient in terms of both time and money. Our software helps our customers to understand the fundamental elements of their business and gives the most vital information to our customers to predict future trends and take



Some of the Features

Front Office Management

Manage Patient Registrations among others

Queue Management

Manage queues and ticketing at the front office


Manage insurers and claims for the hospitals and patients

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports for analysis of all departments in the institution

Patient Administration

View Patient lists and history

Human Resource Management

Manage all staff in the hospital including paryoll


Manage beds and wards for admitted patients

Security Permissions

Our Security Permissions ensure only authorised personel have access

Clinical Management

Manage Clinical issues including triage and others

Diagnostic Management

Manage patient diagnosis and view history

Nurse Management

Manage nurses and staff shifts for all

Vaccinations Management

Manage vaccinations timetable and history for patients

Billing and Accounting

Bill and invoice patients for all services received

Lab & Radiology Management

Manage laboratories and radiology department


Manage radiology tests and results for patients

Supply Chain Management

Manage movement of stock such as drugs into and out of the hospital

Hospital Administration

Manage Hospital operations from the system

Pharmacy Management

Manage drug stock and issuance to patients


Manage paediatric treatments and admissions

And many more features

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